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The norms for discharge of functions that have to be followed are prescribed in the personnel policy (Manual) of IGTR, Aurangabad .

Important norms are as follows:

  • The Training Deptt. and Production Deptt. are running in shift basis and the Administrative Office in General Shift.
  • The working hours of the Administrative Office is 9 A.M. to 5.30P.M.
  • The working hours for shift are: A shift- 7 A.M. to 3.30P.M. , B shift- 3.30 P..M. to 11.30P.M. and C shift – 11.30 P.M. to 7.00 AM
  • The Administrative Office remain closed on all Sundays and other declared holidays. Officers and staff of Training and Production Deptt. follow staggered weekly off.
  • All the employees are expected to be in his/her seat and to start work in time unless he/she has previously obtained such permission for late attendance.
  • All employees have to register their attendance through the Time punching machine installed at the Entrance both for incoming and outgoing.
  • Strict measures should be taken by the Administrative authorities for enforcement of punctuality.
  • 30 Minutes lunch break are must be scrupulously dealt.
  • A list of addresses of all the employees is maintained in the Administrative Section.
  • Each employee is responsible for the work assigned to him/her.
  • Each employee is responsible for all official papers and articles belonging to the office which are entrusted to him/her for official purpose.
  • Each employee is expected to exercise the same vigilance in reduction of expenditure as his/her own money.
  • No authority would exercise its powers of sanctioning expenditure to pass an order which will be directly or indirectly to its advantage.
  • The authority concerned will have to get public interest uppermost in its money while making a procurement decision.
  • Each employee should maintain absolute integrity at all times.
  • Each employee should maintain absolute devotion to duty at all times.
  • Each employee should render prompt and courteous service to the public.
  • Each employee should maintain absolute integrity at all times.
  • Each employee should act in accordance with the Society and Government Rules, Regulations and Policies.

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