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Indo German Tool Room, Aurangabad was set up in 1995 to conduct short term as well as long term training programmes to up grade the skill of freshers as well as personnel working in industries. It is headed by the General Manager. To carry out the functions of different Departments/Divisions both Technical and non Technical personnel are appointed. The structure of both Technical and non Technical posts in IGTR are as under :


  • General Manager
  • Senior Manager
  • Manager
  • Senior Engineer
  • Engineer/Foreman
  • Technician Grade I
  • Technician Grade II
  • Technician Grade II

Non Technical

  • Manager (Admin & Finance)
  • Accounts Officer
  • Personal Secretary to GM
  • Stores Officer
  • Personnel Officer
  • Purchase Officer
  • Accountant
  • Receptionist/P.A. Grade I & PA Grade II / Store Keeper
  • Administrative Assistant

All the authorities of the Society are vested with the Governing Council and the Chairman of the Governing Council and the office bearers of the Society are the Chairman and the General Manager. The functions, duties and powers to be discharged by the Chairman, Governing Council and General Manager are prescribed in the Memorandum of Association and Rules Regulations of the Society.

Certain Administrative and financial powers have been delegated to the General Manager to carry out the day to day functions of the Society. The General manager in turn delegated some of the financial and administrative powers to the Head of the Departments and other officers to carry out the day to day functions of the Society.

The duties and responsibilities of the Technical and non Technical officers are as under :


Senior Manager/Manager

  • To supervise the Work of the Departments/Divisions in their control, i.e. Trg./Production Deptt.
  • To plan and distribute work amongst the subordinate officers in the Department/Divisions under their control.
  • To fix Departmental target and plan and take necessary action to achieve both financial and physical target fixed for the year.

Senior Engineer/Engineer/Foreman

  • To supervise the subordinate staff under their control
  • To take required measures for optimum use of machines and manpower under their control.
  • To assist the Senior Manager/Manager to plant in achieving the target.

Technician Gr .I/Technician Gr.II/Technician Gr.III

  • To work with the machines/execute the jobs allotted to them.
  • To ensure timely completion of job with minimum rejection of the work.


1. Manager (Admin & Finance)

To overall supervise the work of administration, personnel, accounts and purchase division/Sections.

  • To assist General Manager for preparing Agenda and Agenda Notes/Minutes of the Governing Council meeting/other meetings.
  • To assist the General Manager in planning, budgeting and coordination.
  • To look after recruitment, HRD, security and housekeeping activities.
  • To assist Senior Manager/Manager in planning and coordination.
  • To look after staff Welfare Activities.

2. Accounts Officer

  • To look after the financial, Accounts activities of the Centre.
  • He is the drawing and disbursing officer.
  • To look after P.F./ESI/Income Tax/Insurance etc.
  • To supervise staff under his control

3. Senior Engineer In charge Purchase :

  • To look after the Purchase activities for the centre.

4. Stores Officer

  • In charge of the both Production and Training store.
  • To look after the activities of the Store.

5. PS, P.O. Receptionist, Accountant, Administrative Assistants, PA., Store keeper (Support Staff):

To assist their immediate authority for activities of their respective Section including maintenance files, noting and drafting etc.


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